Steinbach, Manitoba – September 21, 2013


Saturday Thank the Lord for another day in Zion! The Lord blessed in a special way yesterday morning, as Bro. Steve Hargrave preached on, “Mothers.”(Proverbs 31) We have a shortage today of what it means to be a sister, Mother, or a wife. A Mother like Lemuel’s mother reaches beyond the instinct of just being […]


Steinbach, Manitoba – September 20, 2013


Thank the Lord for His blessings and help one more time last night as Brother Steve Hargrave preached on, “Husbands Love your Wives.” (Eph. 5:21-28, 32) This scripture is the cause of many not being saved. Many men love to highlight, underline, memorize, and meditate on verses 22-24. Without a true, deep knowledge of Christ […]


Steinbach, Manitoba – September 19, 2013


Thursday We thank the Lord for a wonderful service we were able to have tonight. With much anointing, Brother Johnny Friesen preached on, ” The Believable God.” Nowadays, people have made God very complicated in their minds. It was Abraham’s faith in God that gave him Isaac. There needs to be some people who can […]


Steinbach, Manitoba – September 18, 2013


Wednesday The Lord in His faithfulness blessed our souls last night once more as Bro. Steve Hargrave preached a wonderful message on, “Assembling and Dissembling.” (Psalm 26:1-12) Everything we do in the midst of the saints is to provoke unto love and good works. It’s not that dissemblers don’t want to be in the midst […]


Steinbach, Manitoba – September 17, 2013


Tuesday We are very thankful for the blessings the Lord bestowed upon His people last night once again. Brother Johnny Friesen preached a wonderful message on, “The Voice of Understanding.” It’s normal for man to want to worship, but because of a lack of understanding today, they worship they know not what. The reason why […]


Steinbach, Manitoba – September 16, 2013


The Lord has once again granted us the special privilege of having a meeting here in Steinbach, Manitoba. Different saints have arrived from Austria, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Ontario, and Alberta. The Lord gave us a good start into the meeting as Bro. Steve Hargrave preached a wonderful message last night on, “Holy Pressure.” Brother Steve […]

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